• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

The Development and Progress of Female Leadership in the United Arab Emirates

Ann L. Langlois, R. Audy Johnston
(Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA)

Abstract: In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) seventy percent of university students are women (Madsen 2010). Yet, given this large percentage of females at universities, why is the ratio of female to male professionals in the workforce still very low? Why do these imbalances exist in a country as developed as the UAE? The UAE is frequently characterized as one of the most developed and westernized regions in the Middle East. This paper’s focus will address the challenges that impede future female leadership managerial development in this developed Arab country. The study conducts a meta-analysis of academic articles to provide quantitative and qualitative thematic points of reference with two recommendations to advance the development of female talent in the UAE. The educated female offers significant knowledge and understanding of the business world and is an untapped resource in the UAE and the Middle East. The last section of this paper focuses on observations made during the researchers’ visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in May 2008.

Key words: female leadership; United Arab Emirates; female leaders in business; females in the Middle East; females in the United Arab Emirates

JEL codes: O19, J1

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