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Phenology of Apion Oedeorhynchum LeConte, 1858 and the Attack on Seed of Dalbergia Palo-escrito

Ricardo Guevara-Herrera1, Pedro García-Ramírez2, Santos Pérez Olivares1, Cirenio Velasco Castillo1, Cesar Jimenez Pelcastre1, Raul Valentin Islas1, and Sandra Iliana Torres Herrera3

1. Technological University of the Sierra Hidalguense, Mexico 

2. Geographic Research and Solutions for the Environment, Mexico

3. Faculty of Forest Sciences, Durango State Juárez University, México


Abstract: Dalbergia palo-escrito presents reproduction problems when attacked by insects. In the present study was to evaluate the phenological stage of Apion oedorhynchum LeConte, 1858 that attacks the seed of Dalbergia palo-escrito in the locality of Coatitlamixtla, Xochicoatlán, Hidalgo de Soto, Mexico. Sixteen trees were selected with diameters from 6 cm to 18 cm and heights from 3 m to 17 m, within the altitudinal gradient (High, Medium and Low), these were marked with spray paints and numerical keys were added. The phenological stage of Dalbergia palo-escrito was monitored from the beginning of flowering to pod maturity. A total of 34 pods were collected. The life cycle of Apion oedorhynchum LeConte, 1858 in the pod of Dalbergia palo-escrito 3 months from egg laying to the adult stage.


Key words: phenological stage, Apion oedorhynchum LeConte, Dalbergia palo-escrito

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