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Applied Technology to Absorb CO to Produce O and Biomass Chlorella Using Dahril Bottle

Tengku Dahril, Aras Mulyadi, and Eddiwan

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, University of Riau, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia

Abstract: The Covid-19 was first confirmed in Indonesia on 2 March 2020. The pandemic has spread to 34 provinces in country with Jakarta, West Java, East Java and Riau being the worst-hit. So far, Indonesia has 3,693,272, cases, the 6th  highest in world behind America, India, Brazil, , and Turkey. So it is very important to increase the human body immunity to absorb CO₂ to produce O in the surrounding area and biomass Chlorella as supplement food to prevent fatality of the human being. The Dahril Bottle is a place to culture Chlorella sp in a closed room to absorb CO₂ to produce O in the surrounding area and biomass Chlorella that can be used as supplement food to increase the immunity of human body from COVID-19 illness.  Based on the result of this study indicated, that Chlorella with Chlorophyll-a inside can grow well in the Dahril Bottle to absorb CO₂ to produce O₂ with a chemical reaction as follow, 6 CO + 6 HO à CH₁₂O + O₂↗. The high concentration of cell density was found 1.2´10 cells/ml, Chlorophyll-a concentration of 184.09 µg/l, and dry weight Chlorella, 1.25 g/l, and CO decreased from 18.36 mg/l to 1.24 mg/l or 93.34%, O increase from 3.76 mg/l to 6.21 mg/l or 65.15 %. The chemical compound of Chlorella powder was also high with a protein level of 45.09%, lipid 10.85%, and carbohydrate 12.77 %. They also contain, vitamin E, mineral, beta carotene, and antioxidant essence. Dry Chlorella that found in this study can be used as a supplement food to increase the immunity of the human body to prevent Covid-19 illness.

Key words: Dahril Bottle, CO₂, O₂, Dry weight Chlorella, covid 19 illness

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