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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Exploration of the Potential for Deep Geothermal Energy at the Weisweiler Power Plant Site of RWE Power AG

Thomas Oswald1, Martin Salamon2, and Frank Strozyk3

1. RWE Power AG, Köln, Germany

2. Geological Survey NRW, Krefeld, Germany

3. Institution for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Systems, Aachen, Germany


Abstract: Within the framework of the EU (Interreg NWE) funded project “DGE-Roll out NEW” the basic geological potential for deep geothermal energy will be investigated in the area of the Netherlands, Belgium, NE-France and North Rhine-Westphalia. One site is the power plant of RWE Power AG in Weisweiler, which is currently still fired with lignite. Here the geological underground conditions will be investigated for the heat utilization potential. The target formations are the Devonian and Carboniferous limestones, which, due to their paleo-karstification known from outcrops in the surrounding area, could show natural pathways for hydrothermal and geothermal water. They are expected at depths of up to approx. 2,000-4,000 m and more.


Key words: carbonates, hydrothermal geothermal energy, real laboratory, Weisweiler, exploration, district heating

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