• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Towards a Better Organizational Structure

Mochamad Muslih

(STIE Tri Bhakti, Indonesia)

Abstract: The organizational structure of the Indonesian Government is currently not efficient and not effective. Its structure is impressed too wide and long so that it raises unexpected costs and time delays and decreases governance. The purpose of this research is to study the organizational structure suitable for the Indonesian Government. This research uses qualitative research method with survey approach. The main reference in this research is Designing Effective Organization: Structures in Fives by Henry Mintzberg. The sample is academics and practitioners in governmental organizations. The results showed that a good organizational structure for the Government of Indonesia is functional organization form, the slim and short structure, so as to facilitate and speed up the communication process, the process of accountability, and accountability process in the implementation of government tasks, and finally increase government governance.

Key Words: organization, government, effective organization, functional organization, governance.

         JEL code: M410

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