• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

The Use of Drugs in the COVID-19 Treatment: The Self-medication Issue

Vitória Dias dos Santos, Bruna Passos Santos, Carla Thawanne Silva Andrade, Gustavo Alves Aguiar, Halley Ferraro Oliveira
(Tiradentes Univsersity, Brazil)

Abstract: The process of auto medication is considered as a recurring factor, even cultural. However, it is noted that this habit increases at the same time of the dissemination of COVID-19, in a pandemic of a new virus, which, until then, had no specific drug effectively proven in vivo. The dangers of auto medication and the importance of alerting the population that uses this tactic is understandable based on a retrospective study and pharmacology revision, through the collection of data from a population group and support from the literature. Thus, this work aims to identify the motivation factors and consequences attached to the use of medication without medical prescription.

Key words: self-medication; pandemic; COVID-19; treatment

JEL code: I19

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