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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Urbanization and Land Use Management Issues in Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Tran Thai Yen1,2, Nguyen Thanh Tra3, Phan Thị Thanh Binh2
(1. Vietnam Agricultural University, Vietnam; 2. Nghe An University of Economics, Vietnam;
3. Vietnam Union of Soil Science, Vietnam)

Abstract: The study aims to assess the impact of the urbanization process in the period of 2008-2017 in Vinh city, Nghe An province on land management and use. The study uses methods of collecting secondary and primary data, methods of data processing, analyzing and comparison. Vinh city had an urbanization ratio of 68.30%, an urbanization rate of 102.94% in the period 2008-2017. Urbanization had the strongest impact on land prices; land registration, certification; settlement of land disputes; resolve the complaint report; land acquisition. By 2017, the area of agricultural land decreased by 474.66 ha; non-agricultural land area increased 611.23 ha, unused land area decreased by 138.46 ha, compared to 2008. The land price was not equal to the market price; the time and procedures for land registration and grant of land use right certificates were still long; the settlement of land disputes, complaints and denunciations remains limited; Land acquisition was still behind schedule. In order for the management and use of land to be more complete, it is necessary to implement measures on land prices; land registration, issuance of land use right certificate; settlement of land disputes, complaints and denunciations and solutions to land recovery.

Key words: impact; land use; management; urbanization; Vinh

Jel codes: Q0, Q1, Q2,Q3, Q4, Q5, R1, R2, R3

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