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  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Comparison of ICAO Airport Obstacle Databases by ETOD’s Obstacle Limitation and Collection Surfaces

Zsolt Bagdi1, and Gábor Bakó2

1. Erenfield Consulting Ltd., Hungary

2. Interspect Ltd., Hungary

Abstract: Aviation safety at airports of all countries is a maximally expected factor, which over time should not only be maintained at the same level, but should be increased and adapted to the continuous development of the aviation sector. The technologies that are available to us in this age contribute greatly to this. For example electronic Terrain- and Obstacle Data Collection (eTOD). The process is based on a type of aerial remote sensing from fixed-wing aircraft. With the help of in-flight point cloud and geoinformatics software, strictly defined terrain- and obstacle data can be organized into databases, the format of which is regulated by international standards and documents, according to which the obstacle database can be used internationally. These datasets are needed not only because they are required by law, but also because they form the basis for the design of various flight procedures and make a major contribution to safe aviation.

Key words: eTOD, obstacle, Photogrammetry, airport, ICAO, AIP, OLS

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