• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Development of Creative Thinking in the Context of Educational Programs With Stimulus — Focus on Literary TextsNursery School Applications

Eleni Ilia

(University of Athens, Greece)

Abstract: The main goal of education is the cultivation of creative thinking. The way to achieve this is to design educational programs using Literature. A common feature of educational programs and reading roles is creativity. Pursuing the universal participation of students in the programs, we take care of the formation of friendly relations in the school classroom, the appropriate selection and attractive performance of literary texts to ensure the reading right of the students to express themselves freely about the texts. We also formulate practical proposals for the playful nature of the programs.

Based on the teaching principle of declining guidance, students produce narrative texts that we use in various ways in order to further enhance their willingness to participate. Finally, we quote the children’s texts, so conclusions emerge about the degree of achievement of the goal of cultivating creative thinking with a focus on literature.

Key words: creative thinking, literature, educational programs

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