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  • Modern Agricultural Science and Technology

Main Weaknesses Presented by the MIPYMES of the
Serrana Region of the State of Sonora

Jesús Guadalupe Vázquez González, Francisco Antonio Medina Ortiz, and Alejandra Frisby Morales

Universidad de la Sierra, Mexico

  Abstract: The present investigation was conducted in the business center of Universidad de la Sierra, in Moctezuma, Sonora, which is a department of the institution responsible for providing tax advice, accounting, development of productive projects, and research, to mention a few. The objective of the research is to analyze the weaknesses that MSMEs present in the mountain region of the state of Sonora, so that the entrepreneur knows and identifies them and these do not affect the development of the company. Our work is focused on micro, small and medium enterprises, because they are considered an important part in the economy of the region, for this reason the problem that is addressed in the study is the analysis of the factors that affect both positively and negatively MSMEs. As a result of the study derived from various information gathering techniques, among them the survey, it was established that MSMEs in the region experience some weaknesses that directly influence the development of activities, such as: limited access to financial aid, political and social problems, lack of marketing tools, technological problems, competition, among others. Finally, it is expected that once the weaknesses of MSMEs are identified, entrepreneurs can respond in an efficient way to all the challenges they face today in order to remain in the market.

  Key words: MSMEs, innovation, analysis, business and competition

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