• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Multinational Business S tructures

Theresa Flynn 

(Walden University, USA)

Abstract: This article explores the role of multinational organizational (MNO) structures and the influence associated with identified constructs, development strategies for businesses, and principal-agent theory.  Consideration of the authority exercised by principal-agents in MNO structures reviewed included many concepts including Home region focus, centralization influences, expatriates’ strategies, and distantly located executives’ roles within organizational structures.  The review of the positive control mechanisms reviewed produced perspectives of successful business strategies related to the utilization of MNO structures. This paper offers a focused study and descriptions of a practical research approach designed to provide a comprehensive view of Multinational organizations. The content may assist researchers interested in researching this topic.

Key words: bounded reliability; bounded rationality; foreign executives in local organizations (felos); home region focus (HRF); multinational; global; international; transnational

         JEL codes: A1

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