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Science of Ahangyol and  Its Importance for Modern Scientific Thought

Ahmad Gashamoglu

(Institute of Philosophy, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan) 

Abstract: The Article briefly discusses the need for generation of the Science of Ahangyol, and this science‚Äôs scientific basis, object and subject, category system, scientific research methods and application options. Ahangyol is a universal science and may be useful in any sphere. It may assist in problem solving in peacemaking process and in many areas such as ecology, economics, politics, culture, management and etc. This science stipulates that any activity and any decision made in the life may only and solely be successful when they comply with harmony principles more, which are the principles of existence and activity of the world. A right strategic approach of the Eastern Philosophy and the Middle Age Islamic Philosophy and scientific thought has an important potential. This strategic approach creates opportunities to also consider irrational factors in addition to rational ones comprehensively in scientific researches. The modern scientific thought contributes to implementation of these opportunities. Ahangyol is a science of determination of ways to achieve harmony in any sphere and of creation of special methods to make progress in these ways through assistance of the modern science. Methods of the System Theory, Mathematics, IT, Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Sociology, Statistics and etc. are more extensively applied. Information is given on some of these methods. Moreover, the Science of Ahangyol, which is a new philosophical worldview and a new paradigm contributes to clarification of metaphysic views considerably and discovery of the scientific potential of religious books.

Key Words: harmony; system theory; new paradigm; irrational factors; eastern philosophy; management

        JEL codes: C 

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