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Risk Assessment of International Logistics in Tunnel Projects 
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

Burcu Kesikbaş, Erkut Akkartal
 (Department of International Logistics and Transportation, Faculty of Commerce, Yeditepe University, Turkey)

Abstract: Nowadays, it is observed that are preferred underground roads and subways instead of above ground roads in order to interconnect the main road junction points, on account of the urban traffic congestion. Additionally, the Tunnel Boring Machines are utilized to excavate, utility tunnels that are to say such as electrical, water, sewerage, telephone, natural gas installation tunnels, and furthermore underground tunnels such as subway, road tunnels.The logistics and procurement processes of these machines, which are generally known as Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), have come into prominence role within this context. Based upon experiences acquired in this study, information provided about this study as well as information regarding some risk factors to be avoided will be shared; starting from the success stories about TBM procurement and logistics processes. The entire supply chain; elapsing starting by the requirements’ planning of choosing the most suitable TBM by the project management until its disassembly and shipping back at the end of the Project; will be treated. The machine consisted of five main components such as Cutting Wheel (Cutter Head), and Concrete Segment, Gantries, Conveyor Belt and Tunnel Shield. A successful TBM logistics organization requires the delivery of TBM; including heavy equipment of non-standard dimensions with extraordinary logistic processes from one place to another by non-standard methods, alongside with successful loading, transportation and unloading operations and achievement without any problem of the customs clearance formalities and also accomplishment of the assembling works and delivery to tunnelling area.

Key words: Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Logistic; spare part logistic; project logistic; international logistic; insurance for tunneling projects

JEL codes: L74, L92, Z21

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