• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Intuition and Entrepreneurship in Management Practice

Kamila Malewska  
(Theory of Organization and Management Department, PoznaƄ University of Economics and Business, Poland)

Abstract: Based on an analysis of the literature, it can be inferred that the features of an intuitive decision-maker are largely consistent with the features typical for entrepreneurship, understood as a set of characteristics relating to specific human behavior. Therefore, it seems reasonable to seek an answer to the question whether undertaking entrepreneurial activities translates into the use of an intuitive approach to decision making.

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate, on the basis of a critical analysis of the literature and empirical research, the existence of a relationship between entrepreneurship and intuitive decision making. The article consists of four parts. The first part presents the essence of an intuition-based approach in management, especially in decision making. Next, the concept of entrepreneurship is defined, understood as both a process and a set of entrepreneurial features. In the third part, an attempt is made to collate the characteristics of an intuitive manager and those of entrepreneurship in order to identify any convergence between these categories. In a final part the author presents the cognitive results of initial empirical research conducted in this area.

This paper contributes to expanding the knowledge relating to the existence of a relationship between intuition in decision making and entrepreneurship. Moreover, it can also provide inspiration for conducting further empirical research in this area.

Key words: intuition; entrepreneurship; intuitive manager; entrepreneur; decision-making process

JEL codes: M

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