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Exploratory Study: Human Perception towards Color Integrated with Light

Kyoungmee Kate Byun1, Kwon Mina2, and Moon Heehyul3
1. Hite Art Institute/Interior Design, University of Louisville, USA
2. Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville, USA
3. Department of Marketing, College of Business, University of Louisville, USA

  Abstract: Color is the significant factor to affect emotional and psychological reactions in humans as well as to represent designers’intentions related to interior ambiance in indoor environments. However, it is still challenging to decide color schemes for a real environment to represent a designer’ intentions and to create interior ambience. Without consideration of integration of light and color in a space, it is hard to explain emotional and psychological effects on humans. The purpose of this study is to address human perception (feelings of warmth and feelings of coolness) towards integration of color and light in a space though exploratory study. Controlled empirical experiments were conducted in the interior design lab of a mid-western university. Two opposite colors, to represent feelings of warmth and coolness, were selected by a focus group to examine the controlled setting by different choices of integrated surroundings. Voluntary university student subjects were selected to participate in an anonymous experiment and answer Likert scale survey questions. Findings show that two-dimensional color chosen is affected by light in a three-dimensional space and suggest the integration of color and light should be considered at the beginning of the conceptual design process in order to represent desired ambiance of indoor environments.

  Key words: color, light, human perception, exploratory study

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