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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

The Development of Geography Digital Learning Resource in China

Fengtao Guo, and Yushan Duan

School of Geographic Sciences, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

  Abstract: With rapid development of the Information Communication Technology (ICT), education paradigms are undergoing revolutionary change. E-School bag and digital textbook was used in pilot school both China and abroad. The interesting and interactive subject contents is a critical restriction factor of implementing the geography E-School bag. The purpose of this research was to design multimedia interactive digital teaching resource in middle school geography for E-School bag pilot school. We attempt to find new ways to support students’ individualized learning as well as make “digital natives” understand and like geography. For this, the authors reorganized the geography content in middle school according to Richard E. Mayer’ s multimedia design principle and research steps. In this paper, the authors mainly introduce two interesting course design examples make students learn geography through story style and love geography.

  Key words: ICT, geography, middle school, teaching resource, E-School bag

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