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The Recovery as An Opportunity to Valorize the Rural Architecture: The Case of A Sicilian Masseria

Andrea D’ Amore

Departement of Architecture (DARCH), UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Palermo, Italy

  Abstract: The masseria Pintorna S. Barbara located in the territory of Geraci Siculo (PA), a small rural village in the Madonie area, represents a relevant example of rural architecture for his constructive and typological aspects, but also for the potential that it offers in a project of compatible recover. In the same way of other farms that marks the sicilian territory, this one at the moment is in an abandonment state because of the absence of mainteinance during the last year so that it risks to be ruined. The study wants to evidence the principal materic, constructive, functional and typological aspects which are important characteristics to give the right direction to the recover project aimed to the conservation, valorization of the farms and of his productive and architectural history.
  With the help of software useful to the analysis of the actual state, to the redrawing and the three - dimensional modeling, had been possible to obtain a higher knowledge and also a clear idea of refunctionalization. The submitted proposal of valorization wants to define useful protocols for the valorization of sicilian rural architecture outlining possible scenarios for actions that respects the original characters of pre-existence, bringing back a new and contemporary function ( also for the structural and installations adopted solutions) able to adapt flexibly at the use requested by contemporaneity and by the policies of territorial promotion especially based on a cultural and rural tourism where this farm could be inserted, and in touristic routes composed also by other masserie of that area.

  Key words: sicily, rural architecture, masseria, knowledge

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