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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Viability in the Cultivation of Freshwater Microalgae in Landfill Leachate Medium

Mariana Suzarte Barbosa, Isadora Machado Marques, Ícaro Thiago Andrade Moreira
University Salvador, Brazil

  Abstract: The generation of waste, actually is a large and growing environmental problem due to urbanization and improvement of the quality of life of the people. The residue is a purely human-generated phenomenon, since, in nature there is renewal. Due to this gradual formation of byproducts of anthropogenic activities, problems in landfills, wastewater treatment arising from the decomposition of garbage each day has been greater. This project consists in the study of treatment of leachate through the cultivation of microalgae to analyze first the adaptation of this microorganism in the residue. Initially, the project was carried out by a technical visit to company of Transfer and waste treatment in Salvador city, Brazil, where they were acquired information needed for the development of the same, in addition to the samples of waste for handling in the Lab. The data were collected by monitoring in cultivation with dilutions of 10% and 30% of manure, and the growth of microalgae reviewed by means of chlorophyll-a. It was found that the growth was inhibited by low concentrations of phosphorus and high turbidity. However, after a few days of adjustment was checked the growth of micro-organisms, through visual aspects and chlorophyll-a.

  Key words: leachate, microalgae and bioproducts

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