• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
Creating Motivation for the Development of the Vietnam Intellectuals in
the Context of Global Integration
Nguyen Van Tuan, Thom Thi Nguyen

(University of Transport Technology, Vietnam)

Abstract: In order to meet the increasing requirements of international integration, promoting the role of intellectuals is of particular importance. In the process of innovation with international integration, Vietnam has actively innovated thinking and action to create motivation for intellectual development. Vietnam regularly supplements and completes mechanisms and policies for intellectuals to develop, study and improve their expertise; actively raises wages, income and appropriate working mechanism; creates credibility, motivates and rewards in time; builds up a scientific, healthy and democratic working environment. Therefore, the Vietnamese intellectuals’ intelligence and ability that are necessary for international integration have been improved. However, due to some objective and subjective factors, motivation for intellectuals in Vietnam has not been stable and effective. Therefore, on the basis of explaining why Vietnam must motivate1 intellectuals to develop, the article deeply analyzes the current state and offers some solutions to motivate intellectual development, and then further promotes the role of Vietnamese intellectuals in the current process of international integration and reform.
Key words: motivation; global integration; development; intellectual; Viet Nam
JEL codes: I25

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