• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

 School’s Images: Students’ Perceptions about Teaching and Learning in the Geography



Arminda Manuela de Oliveira Martins1, Alcina Manuela de Oliveira Martins2
(1. Lusófona University of Porto, Portugal;
2. Lusófona University of Porto; Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development (CeiED))

Abstract: The present study is based on the changes in curriculum reorganization of basic education. It values a new model of teaching and learning and it considers teachers as supervisors, in order to achieve students’ integral development and education for citizenship. Thus, the overall goal is to investigate how students perceive the 9th grade curriculum organization of teaching and learning Geography, in connection with motivation and academic success. In the survey, conducted in a public school, we used a quantitative methodology, applying a questionnaire. The results show that respondents consider the issues worked, actual and interesting. Although they have different perceptions, regarding the organization of the teaching and learning process of Geography, they consensually value the teacher’s role in the classroom. However, they show some distance in relation to curriculum organization. We conclude that students have the perception of the teacher`s influence and orientation in the classroom, for a differentiated management of Geography curriculum, enhancing motivation and
interpersonal interaction.

Key words: curriculum, teaching and learning, differentiated management, geography


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