• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

An Investigation into Barriers to the Adoption of E-Procurement within

Selected SMEs in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Altayyar, John Beaumont-Kerridge
(University of Bedfordshire, UK)
Abstract: This paper investigates the potential barriers to e-procurement adoption in Saudi Arabian SMEs. The study builds its theoretical foundation on Gunasekaran and Ngai’s (2009) model of e-procurement adoption in SMEs on the south-east coast of the USA, which it applies to the Saudi Arabian SMEs to determine their barriers to the adoption of e-procurement. Data was collected from a number of staff from four selected Saudi Arabian SMEs using both qualitative and quantitative tools. This study looks at a number of barriers and analyses their relative importance using hierarchical analytic process.
Key words: e-commerce; e-procurement adoption; barriers; SMEs
JEL codes: M

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