• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

 School Climate, Teachers’ Efficiency and Learning Outcomes in Koronadal

City Schools Division, Philippines


Hera Jean C. Cardenas1, Ernie C. Cerado2

(1. Department of Education, Koronadal City, Philippines;

2. College of Teacher Education, Sultan Kudarat State University, Philippines)

Abstract: The study explored the school climate, teachers’ efficiency and pupils’ learning outcomes in Koronadal City, Philippines. It also tested the theory that these variables are associated to each other. In this study, school climate was uniquely coined to refer to the social, physical, academic, and leadership environments felt or experienced by the teachers and pupils. In contrast, the efficiency of the teachers was assessed in terms of their leadership, classroom management and curriculum delivery, while pupils’ learning outcome was quantified out of their grades across the five (5) core subject areas. Results showed that pupils and teachers alike have comparable judgments of “extremely favorable” on school climate. Teachers’ efficiency was viewed as excellent. Conversely, the pupils’ learning outcome was merely “marginally good.”In particular, pupils showed off in MAKABAYAN but fared relatively low in English. No significant relationship was identified between school climate, teachers’ efficiency, and pupils’ learning outcome.

Key words: school climate, teachers’ efficiency, pupils’ learning outcomes, Philippine Basic education



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