• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Integrating Technology into Marketing Courses via SAP Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) System


Shirley M. Stretch-Stephenson, H. Rika Houston, Michael A. Germano
(California State University, Los Angeles, California 90032-8127, USA)

Abstract: The use of simulation games have been a popular means of teaching business and marketing content for numerous years. As more and more software is being utilized to conduct business, some of those companies have developed simulation games to help teach and train students and employees on how to utilize the software. SAP is one such company that has created an ERPsim simulation game to familiarize existing and future employees with SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The paper covers the assessment of the student’s experience of playing an ERPsim game in marketing classes. Students indicated ERPsim should continue to be used in marketing classes while noting several suggestions and recommendations for making business software usage in marketing classes more relevant to the marketing discipline.

Key words: marketing; marketing technology; marketing sap; ERPsim and marketing, ERP and marketing

JEL code: M

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