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 Waste to Energy: The Energy for the Future


Md. Nazmul Hossain, Ivanova T. B.
(Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia)
Abstract: The continuing interest to alternative sources of energy is increasing gradually as the world today is very much concern about global warming, global climate changes and growing energy demand in short order. Rapidly growing world population, urbanization, industrialization and consumption based economy are accelerating incremental energy demand & municipal solid waste (MSW) generation which are being cause of mass pollutions & rising the earth atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG), resulting global warming & ecological catastrophe. Global warming, the increase in the temperature of the earth’s neon-surface air is the greatest challenge the world is confronting with and world grave concern for earth’s all living creations. Every nation, including large & small, wealthy & poor, developed & developing, is under the impact of the ravage. Since 2009 global average surface temperature has been increasing by 0.6°C every year and the acceleration is even being faster gradually. It has been indicated that by the end of 21th century world’s average surface temperature will increase by 2.4-6.4°C, might exceed the earth’s ability to adapt. Unusual temperature will affect hydrology & biology of earth-everything including economy, ecosystem & substances. The potential consequences of global warming will be devastative, such as raising the sea level, increased occurrence of severe weather events, changing pattern of diseases, more frequent of wildfire & drought, severe food & water shortage and lose of tropical forests and many species. The effect of global warming is already in earth and having significant & costly consequences on our climate, our health and our environment. The excessive acceleration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in earth’s atmosphere, generated through the combustion of fossil fuel & waste landfill, is mainly accountable for these unusual weather events. Changing pattern of energy, more specifically, carbon neutral or carbon negative sources of energy only can save the world from the upcoming devastation.
Key words: global warming; global climate changes; municipal solid waste; fossil fuel; greenhouse gases;
alternative sources of energy; waste to energy
JEL code: Q420

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