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  • Journal of Business and Economics

 Who Wants Digital HRM? The Example of Luxembourg

Ursula Schinzel
(United Business Institute, L-1520, Luxembourg)
Abstract: Purpose: This research asks the questions “who wants digital HRM?” or “do we really want digital HRM?” with the example of Luxembourg who goes against the current trend of going digital. It investigates the cultural and linguistic characteristics of Luxembourg that may influence the tendency of human resources specialists in Luxembourg to be reluctant towards digital social networking technologies such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing, Facebook and Twitter. Design: Interviews, questionnaires and case studies are used in 31 companies in Luxembourg. The author explores the extent of the use of new social networking technologies in Luxembourg. She looks at the specific political, economic and historical context of Luxembourg that impact the use of social networking platforms in the management of HR. Findings: The reluctance to use social networking technologies is related to Luxembourg’s high score on Hofstede’s “Uncertainty Avoidance”. Luxembourgish language is used as an identifier in the Grand Duchy, might represent an impediment to the extent of adoption and use of digital social networking technologies. Research limitations: The comparatively small sample size constitutes a factor that threatens the generalisation of the findings. Practical implications: Practical advice is offered to HR managers wishing to be successful in Luxembourg. Originality: The research is about new social technologies and e-HR. It tries an answer to the question, why HR specialists in Luxembourg have been reluctant to utilise new social networking technologies, considering the special cultural pattern following Hofstede.
Key words: international entrepreneurship; digital HRM; digital social networking; cross-cultural
management; Hofstede’s cultural dimensions; Luxembourg
JEL codes: F

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